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day 2 

correct the following sentances 
1. they were the bing repairing the road 
ans they were repariring the road.
2. somebody was built the bridge last years .
ans somebody built the bridge last years 
3.  the tajmahal was built hundreds of years ago .
ans the taj mahal   was built of hundreds years ago .
4. the building has pulled down by them .
ans the old building has been pulled down by them
5. the work will be being completed by him in a fortnight .
ans  the work will be completed by him in a fortnight .
 CHANGE the following sentence into passive voice
a.  simple present tense ( ssc quation papers 
1. he helps the poor .
2. i know her .
3. Venna does not sing a song .
4. Who teaches you physics .
5. We expect good news .
6. everyone does his work.
7. what you do went .
8. My father sends him five hundred rupees every month .
9. yours shopkeepers sells a special kind of coffee.
10. the rich hate the poor .

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